Saturday, April 28, 2018

The pervasiveness of Evil

For those willing to open their eyes, or have the ability to critically think, or to “open their hearts”, the proof of evil is all around us.  The “Alfie” incident this week highlighted the pervasiveness of evil in man.  The British government refused to allow the family of Alfie to try to keep him alive.  Yes, maybe there was no real chance, maybe Alfie was catatonic and “brain dead”, maybe no chance of a “quality life”, but those were the choices of the family, not the government.  If the British government wanted to save money, since the U.K. has a government funded healthcare system, then make the family sign a waiver releasing the British government of future funding obligations and any future responsibilities and liabilities toward the child.  Relatively straight forward solution, the parents take their child and seek help from those willing to help.  But the Brits didn’t allow this and now the child is dead...

How heartless is someone to prevent a parent, loved one, or even a friend to try to save someone they love?  Then the cowardliness of the British people, few protests, no uprising, no one tried to save the child...  What if this had been a non-white family?  What if a non-Christian family?  What if it had been an elite?  Was this a racist, anti-Christian, anti-commoner decision?

Evil comes in many forms and places.  The doctors and medical staff that allowed this to happen and made their snide remarks are cruel, soulless people.  They will suffer the consequences of this one day and cannot say “we tried everything”.

The British government is a soulless, leftist, charicature.  Silly British dystopian movies such as “Children of Man” or “V for Vendatta” showed a future where the Right were the boogeyman, but the truth is it is the Left.  No free speech, no compassion, no freedom to defend yourself.  How soon before the few real Christians remaining in the U.K. come under persecution?

Some of us mourn for a Britannia that maybe was idealized in one too many Anglophile movies, shows, books.  Some of our ancestors rebelled against the British crown and won we Americans the relative freedom we have today.

Evil isn’t always obvious.  Evil lies, manipulates, promises easy succcess and rewards.  Remember this, don’t idealize the U.K. and the soulless Leftist evil that country now represents.  Be a beacon for hope, goodness, and righteousness.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Warrior Mindset

Some take offense to the term “warrior mindset”.  For me though, it encapsulates the ideas needed when defending those under your care.  Sure, there are nuances, especially as law enforcement and in particular as a DSS special agent.  But in my opinion the warrior mindset can be controlled, trained, and switched on when needed.  In law enforcement, the military, or even those wanting to train to protect their family or self, we must train to have a warrior mindset, ready to loose at a moments notice.

The important part is to train and develop the warrior mindset to be in the background.  A good friend put it this way “the iconic DSS special agent must be able to have an in-depth, civil conversation with the Ambassador, but be ready in a split second to aggressively attack anyone threatening those under their charge”.  In the words of the great warrior monk Secretary Mattis “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet”.

In relation to the shooting in Florida, it’s obvious the Broward County Sheriff and his office do not have a warrior mindset, did not train properly, the Sheriff himself is a political animal wearing a shiny uniform, full of false medals and accolades.  He isn’t a warrior, a leader, or virtuous in any way.  He is a coward, a bully, and a tool of the Elites.

How could someone that is supposed to “serve and protect” the citizenry wait outside while citizens are killed and wounded?  Then their “leader”, knowing that his Deputies had not even tried to help the citizens, has the termacity to attack an organization that had nothing to do with the shooting.  In that farce, show trial spectacle of a town hall, the coward and bully Sheriff is belligerent to the female spokesman who, wisely or not, is trying to defend the NRA and 2nd Amendment.  The coward is a sock puppet for the Elite’s anti-gun narrative, hoping to curry favor with his masters.  Finally, and only after the Chief of Police of the department that actually responded to the attack, calls him out, does the cowardly Sheriff start throwing his Deputies under the bus, never once accepting any responsibility.

Notice the Sheriff hasn’t accepted any of the blame for the lack of action by those four cowards, or admitted his Office did nothing with all the warnings.  Hell, even the inept FBI admitted they mishandled the tips they received on the shooter.  The Sheriff is a coward and failed leader in so many ways, one could write a book just about his failures, a guide on what not to do.

The Sheriff and officials of Broward County must be held accountable for their lack of action on this shooting and the build up to it.  They are all evil, cowardly minions of the Left.  Beware these types in your own communities.  We all need to prepare a warrior mindset, the Yeomanry must standup to these types, no one else will.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


The American middle class is disappearing, especially the rural, self-reliant small landowner.  This decline is not new, but it is accelerating.  

My intent is to discuss this decline and help educate those willing to learn about this decline and its impact on the traditional Anglo-Saxon based culture of America.

Tougher times are coming, there is still time to prepare.